Paladin gathered three of their best-selling video authors: veteran cop and martial artist Loren Christensen, boxing and grappling specialist Mark Hatmaker, and Vince Morris, kyusho-jitsu expert and founder of the Kissaki-Kai style of karate. The assignment: to teach you the best defenses they could muster against common street attacks, including a haymaker punch, a front kick, a tackle, a rear choke, a side headlock, and a lapel grab and punch.

Drawing from their personal fighting styles and training backgrounds, these experts present their solutions to these same attacks, giving you a unique opportunity to compare and contrast not only their techniques but their teaching styles and fighting philosophies.

Christensen first explains why the eyes, ears, nose and throat are reliable fight-stopping targets. Then, using a simple angling system as a guide, Christensen teaches you how to instinctively target the vital areas of the face and neck from any angle, in virtually any situation.

To ensure that you get the greatest effect from all your strikes, Christensen also teaches you the tricks of positioning your attacker to set him up for a strike and shows you which striking tools work best for specific targets. Finally, he shows you how to condition yourself psychologically, using little-known desensitization drills developed by military close-combat experts.

Loren takes the very best from his books  - Solo Training and Solo Training 2 - and creates targeted training sessions you can use at home to build speed, strength and accuracy in your punches, strikes and kicks.  He also includes his favorite resistance training exercises and his grueling 800 kick workout, guaranteed to take your kicking power, speed and endurance to the next level. Training sessions include: 

  • Hands, forearms and elbows 
  • Kicks and hand combinations 
  • Weight training and kick chambering 
  • Shadow sparring 
  • Legs only and arms only

With 29 years of experience in law enforcement dealing with the most violent scum skid row had to offer, retired cop Loren knows what works on the street and what won’t, and he has distilled his knowledge into a DVD that teaches all the dirty tricks you need to win a real fight. 

Focusing on gross motor movements that require a minimum of practice to execute, Christensen shows you how to perform a series of quick, hard strikes that will make your attacker wish he’d stayed at home. From there, he teaches you defenses against some of the most common street attacks, including lapel and wrist grabs, wild haymaker punches and tackle attempts.

From turning the tables on a skilled opponent to quickly taking out a thug who’s after your wallet, the techniques in this video are vital for street survival.

Loren Christensen has learned the hard way that real fights are far more explosive and violent than karate sparring matches, a lesson proven over and over during his 29-year career as a police officer.

This DVD set is not a contrived system of new techniques, or a new method of handcuffing. All techniques conclude in a position where you can apply the handcuffing method you already use. 

It examines those basic techniques taught in most police agencies but get "watered down" (weakened) over the years. Christensen shows you important details for making the joint locks, holds and takedowns you already know more effective, more painful, easier to apply, safer for you, and ultimately safer for the suspect to reduce law suits. Christensen points out common errors and then teaches you multiple but subtle variations, showing you that sometimes adjusting a technique only one inch will dramatically increase its effectiveness. 

 It examines a large variety of techniques, concepts and principles applicable to the dangerous job of dealing with a resisting suspect. 


You can be strong and skilled, but if your strikes and blocks aren’t fast enough in a fight, you can still lose. While some people are blessed with natural quickness, others have to work hard for just a little increase in speed.

Based on his best-selling book Speed Training, this production distills Loren's years of experience as a martial artist into a  training program that will not only increase your fighting speed but also fool your opponent into thinking you’re much faster than you actually are. 

He teaches you how to “cheat” speed by improving your timing and accuracy in both punching and kicking through a series of dirty tricks that will have your opponent wondering just what hit him. Then he shows drills, exercises and principles to  increase your natural fighting speed and help you develop not only instantaneous reflexes but also explosive quickness and power in all your strikes.

There is nothing pretty or clean about brawling. It hurts, it's frightening, it's brutal and it's ugly. If you accept that  fighting is dirty, then you must take advantage of every dirty trick you can muster. 

The ripping, poking, pinching and pressing techniques in this DVD emphasize quick, vicious delivery to the eyes, throat, ears, groin, various nerve points and other acutely vulnerable targets on the human body. They range from annoying (to distract an attacker while you set up other moves) to devastatingly destructive, when there are no other options but to cause pain and potential injury. 

The criteria for their inclusion in this DVD is that they must be simple, they must hurt and they must work in close-in fighting. Are these techniques dirty? Oh, yes. But in a fight for your life, survival is all that matters.

Get it with Loren’s book The Brutal Art Of Ripping, Poking, And Pressing Vital Targets