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Detective Sam Reeves is barely seated in a cab when he learns that during his two-week trip in Southeast Asia, hate crimes have rocked his city of Portland, including one very brutal lynching.

As the crimes continue, thousands of fearful protesters march the streets, clashing with police and demanding more be done to put an end to the escalating violence! Reassigned to the Intelligence Unit following his "bad shoot" several months ago, Sam is quickly consumed day and night, trying to deal with his city's horrors. When he finally gets some leads, he realizes that there's one big problem.

While the bad guys pack bats, knives, and rifles, Sam has a crippling fear about carrying a loaded gun! One thing is for sure: Sam is about to confront violent haters—and his personal demons—in a showdown that will shake the very foundation of his city.

Detective Sam Reeves, a 34-year-old martial arts instructor, has a solid 15-year record as a good cop with the Portland Police Department. One day he is forced to take a life and despite the findings of “good shoot” he struggles to recuperate psychologically from the killing. Facing up to his fears Sam returns to work and within days is forced to fire his weapon again—killing two more people.

With his spirit almost broken, Sam meets a stranger … a man who claims to be his father. “Impossible,” Sam reasons—his father died in a North Vietnamese prison camp … a long time ago.This odd man, named Samuel, is as convincing as he is quirky and is revealed to be a phenomenal martial artist, the likes of which Detective Sam Reeves has never encountered. This ‘Samuel’ comes out of nowhere, equipped with a family in Vietnam and a daughter named Mai who is about to graduate from Portland State University.

With a series of interlocked events of violence: a revenge-seeking uncle, the destruction of his martial arts school, his new father’s connection to some lethal Vietnamese outlaws, Sam’s life spirals into a dreadful new direction. This high-octane martial arts thriller will have you gripped from the start.You’ll never complain about a hard week again.

USA Best Book Awards Finalist - USA Book News

Until six weeks ago, Sam Reeves, a respected Portland, Oregon police detective, martial artist, and teacher, had a good life. Then a series of unimaginable events turned it upside down—some good, some very bad. Still reeling from this maelstrom of fate, Sam takes a leave of absence and heads to exotic Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam seeking refuge with his family, and to reflect on his deadly past.

Sam is captivated by the contrast of beauty and struggle of a country still recovering from war, and by the warmth of his newfound family—his father Samuel, wife Kim, half sisters, and the beautiful enchanting Mai. But the grief-crazed mob boss, Lai Van Tan, seeks revenge against Samuel who he holds responsible for the death of his son. Sam Reeves joins the fight to thwart Tan’s deadly attacks on the family. If that wasn't enough, the family learns Tan’s people have kidnapped 27 girls to be sold into the sex trade. Since the corrupt police won’t help, Sam, Samuel, and Mai, along with a bizarre group of ‘seemingly’ old and disabled Vietnamese soldiers with unique fighting skills, join forces to rescue the young girls. Enraged, Lai Van Tan strikes back with a fury that tests the mettle of these warriors. Before it’s over, the family is forced to defend themselves again and again, including in a warehouse full of life-sized Buddha statues.

It’s the time of the seventh moon, when hungry ghosts slip through the gates of hell to bring havoc to the living. To some in the Asian community it’s only folklore; to others it’s very real.

Portland, Oregon, police detective Sam Reeves has earned a reputation for being a magnet for trouble. Even for a cop he’s been in the middle of too much conflict for any sane man’s taste. He’s had run-ins with crazed psychopaths, Vietnamese mafia, and white supremacists. People think shooting a gun is just part of a cop’s day and he moves on with his life—just like in the movies. But it isn’t like that, and the ghosts of Sam’s past continue to haunt him.

Sam’s father, Samuel, a martial art master of the Temple of Ten Thousand Fists, and his best friend, a Vietnamese man named Tex, come for a visit to meet the estranged brother of Samuel’s recently deceased grandmaster, Shen Lang Rui. A road trip to San Francisco—what could go wrong? How about everything?

Police / Martial Arts / Thriller Fiction Series