CHAPTER 1: The First 50 Years
CHAPTER 2: You’re Turning 30, 40, 50, 60, 70
CHAPTER 3: More on Training Consistency
CHAPTER 4: Three Answers to Three Questions
CHAPTER 5: Can You Think Yourself Faster?
CHAPTER 6: 25 Tips for Developing Powerful Techniques
CHAPTER 7: The 1,200-Rep Kicking Drill
CHAPTER 8: Thoughts on Flexibility
CHAPTER 9: Dirty Fighting Techniques
CHAPTER 10: Thoughts About the Tackle
CHAPTER 11: No Stance as a Stance
CHAPTER 12: Hitting the Liver
CHAPTER 13: Ground Fighting
CHAPTER 14: Ground and Pound and Return to Sender
CHAPTER 15: How to Develop Callused Knuckles
CHAPTER 16: Ki, Chi, or Kung Foo-ee?
CHAPTER 17: OMG!!! It’s the Exclamation People!!
CHAPTER 18: Me, the Bully
CHAPTER 19: Some Lessons Hurt
CHAPTER 20: Parting Thoughts on the Martial Arts


CHAPTER 21: Use Your Eyes to Save Your Bacon
CHAPTER 22: Preparation for Defense Against a Gun
CHAPTER 23: De-escalation
CHAPTER 24: Personal Responsibility
CHAPTER 25: Firearms: Be in the Moment or Someone Might Get Shot
CHAPTER 26: Elements of Gun Defense
CHAPTER 27: “An Attacker Would Never …” 
CHAPTER 28: Active Shooter: The First Five Minutes
CHAPTER 29: The “You Know What Really Hurts?” Game
CHAPTER 30: On Getting Nailed in the Groin
CHAPTER 31: The Groin: Hit it More Than Once
CHAPTER 32: Street Magic and Street Fighting
CHAPTER 33: Clinching: A Few Painful Defenses
CHAPTER 34: Carotid Constraint: It’s Not a Toy
CHAPTER 35: Street People: How Dangerous are They


CHAPTER 36: PTSD: Be Careful About That
CHAPTER 37: Helping Families Cope with Officer-Involved Shootings
CHAPTER 38: Shot 10 Times
CHAPTER 39: Carotid Constraint
CHAPTER 40: The Street Dance of Hookers, Tricks, and Cops
CHAPTER 41: Advice from a Veteran Prostitution Decoy
CHAPTER 42: 5 Psychological Factors that Affect Rioters and Police
CHAPTER 43: Controlling Fear
CHAPTER 44: The Power of Combat Breathing
CHAPTER 45: Psyching Up
CHAPTER 46: The Sometimes Unreality of Combat
CHAPTER 47: Criticism is a Given in Police Work
CHAPTER 48: 65 Tips for Cops


CHAPTER 49: Discovery
CHAPTER 50: Thoughts on Warriorhood
CHAPTER 51: Are You Ready?
CHAPTER 52: Physical Conditioning for the Warrior: More 

Reviews of some of Loren’s other books.

Surviving a School Shooting ~ “The author doesn’t pull punches; he tells it the way it is.”
Deadly Force Encounters ~ “The book’s authors know what they are talking about.”
On Combat ~ “I cannot recommend this book highly enough.”
Self-Defense for Women ~ “One of the best martial arts/combat writers out there.”
Cops’ True Stories of the Paranormal ~ “I absolutely love this book. Read it one evening.”
Defensive Tactics ~ “Best police DT book I’ve read.”
Policing Saigon ~ “The best book I have read about the Vietnam War.”


By Loren W. Christensen

Bestselling writer Loren W. Christensen has written many well-reviewed how-to-do books. In Musings on Violence, Loren takes a different approach and conveys his thoughts on training for violence, surviving it as it happens, and managing the aftermath. He also discusses what it means to be a warrior—a martial artist, a cop, soldier, and citizen.

Loren has been a martial artist since 1965. He is an inductee into the martial arts Masters Hall of Fame and holds an 8th dan in karate, a 2nd dan in jujitsu, and a 1st dan in arnis.

A 29-year veteran of law enforcement (ret), Loren brawled one-on-one with outlaw bikers, an Olympic Games powerlifter, construction workers, anarchists, crazed dopers, and the violent mentally deranged. As a Military Policeman in war-torn Saigon, Vietnam (then ranked the most dangerous city in the world), he experienced, as he said in a recent interview, “twenty years of violent police work condensed into 12 months.”

In short, Loren knows what he’s talking about.

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