1974 Skid Row was a sorry place that God and city hall refused to acknowledge, a hellhole that only the cops barely kept under control. Boss had spent 23 years of his life and police career walking a beat there and doing his best to keep things reasonably copacetic. But was it time for him to retire? Had he had enough?

Boss was about to experience an eight-hour shift that would test all his accumulative skills. Will this night decide for him?

"Loren's characters are so real because, as it turns out, they were real."
"I love this series."
"Brought back memories."
"Christensen can write gritty street, violence, and humor, all in the same paragraph."
"The author writes from personal experience." your paragraph here.

Publisher: LWC Books

ASIN: B079V29RS5 

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BOSS 3 A Short Story

By Loren W. Christensen