Evolution of Weaponry

 A brief look at man's ingenious methods of overcoming his physical limitations to kill

By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen

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The only way to truly understand warfare across the ages is to recognize and appreciate man’s limitations. Looking at it from a physiological and psychological point of view, suddenly everything begins to make sense.  

The chariot. The Roman way of battle. The phalanx. Posturing. The power of leaders. Spray-n-pray. How and why early and nearly useless gunpowder weapons ruled the battlefield. Suddenly it all becomes clear.

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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen best selling authors of On Killing, On Combat, Warrior Mindset, and many others, present Evolution of Weaponry, a powerful and deeply insightful book for any student of history, psychology, or the casual reader who desires a deeper understanding of the human condition. 


Glossary of terms
Part One: Weapons as Devices to Overcome Physical and Psychological Limitations
Part Two: A Brief Survey of Weapons Evolution
Part Three: The Role of Weapons Evolution in Domestic Violent Crime
Conclusion: The Future of Weapons Evolution

Includes a first-person narrative by a soldier who fought in the battle of Wanat in Afghanistan, considered by many to be the deadliest battle fought by US troops there.