By Loren W. Christensen

The Time: Three Years From Now
The Setting: A Large, Mostly Destroyed City
The Rest Of The World: Unknown, But Assumed Mostly Destroyed

From Knife Fighter 1. 

When Grey was about 25, he and his father were having beers on the back deck of his parent’s home. Grey asked, “Why did you let me see your Ka-Bar that time when I was little? Why so briefly, I mean?”

His father took two swigs before he answered. “I’ve asked myself that a few times. I guess… I think I wanted you to see what a killing blade looked like. 

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Publisher: LWC Books

Paperback : 240 pages
ISBN-13 : 979-8646598418
ONLY $11.99

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Feel its aura. Its presence. But as soon as I pulled it out of the envelope, I no longer wanted you to see it, to know it existed.

“A blade that’s killed is at once a hideous thing and a thing of beauty. Until it has killed, all the time you spend with it training, is all theory, play.

“Facing a deadly threat with a knife is a moment like no other. Suddenly you’re no longer pretending as you have been in your training. Shit is real now, and to come out of it alive, you’re going to have to ram that blade deep into human flesh. And you’re going to feel that sensation in your hand, and that feel is going to remain in your hand, and in your mind, and the sight of him dying is going to stay in your eyes, even when you’re asleep.

“I didn’t want you to touch it or ever see it again.”

From Knife Fighter 2:[Note: Book 2 is the length of a novella]

Two months after their deadly trip to Sector 3, Grey and Tala have physically recuperated from all their injuries, although Grey has psychological issues from the deep stab wound received from the assassin, Leathers.

But are they ready to travel to Sector 6, the most dangerous part of the mostly destroyed city to look for Juni, Tala’s brother?

Time is of the essence as the sector is plagued with violent food wars, helicopter attacks, murders without consequence, and daily suicides, all of which litter the damaged streets with the dead.

Will Knife Fighter’s kukri blade and black ax, and Tala’s Smith & Wesson 9-inch fixed blade and Thailand-made sickle be enough to fight off a pack of wild dogs, murderous street people, and the deadly Bandanna Gang?