Brawling doesn't get any closer or uglier than when you're struggling to tear yourself out of a street attacker's clinch. Authors Loren Christensen and Mark Mireles know this from painful experience: with a combined 75 years of martial arts study and more than 40 years of working the mean streets as city cops, they have had many opportunities to develop their techniques for both powerfully breaking a criminal's determined grasp and hanging on to a suspect desperately trying to resist arrest.

This book is not about banging around with training partners - it's about surviving a frantic street fight. It's filled with techniques for that gritty place where there are no tap-outs, referees or rules. If it's illegal in competition, it's in here. If it would get you jailed if you weren't legally defending yourself, it's in here.

Christensen and Mireles present dozens of tried-and-true clinch escapes using clear, uncomplicated instruction and step-by-step photos. Let these veterans of countless violent street fights give you the edge you need to break out of a dangerous situation.

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In his follow up to the phenomenally popular Solo Training, Loren Christensen has dug down deep to come up with hundreds of more ways for you to rev up your training at home or in the gym. Solo Training 2 kicks off with a focus on building your body's core for stronger, faster and more effective grappling, kicking and punching. A strong core - your shoulders, chest, abs, hips, and back - is the source of your body's power, speed and coordinated movement. As a martial artist, a strong core helps you to get more out of your training and to respond instantly and effectively to the fast changing demands of competition or an explosive street encounter. 

You'll also get over 100 ways to work your combinations, cheat speed, improve accuracy, fight from unconventional stances, practice grappling when you can't find a partner and get the most out of your mannequin bag. If hundreds of new training drills sound overwhelming, not to worry. Solo Training 2 wraps up with 8 workouts, each with a specific goal like the Free Hand Power Builder and the Boxer Workout. If you've read your copy of Solo Training to tatters, give it a little time off and dig into Solo Training 2, where Loren Christensen promises to take your fighting techniques and understanding of fighting concepts to a new level.

This book isn't about sport fighting, flashy moves or how to become a better person through a martial art. It presents realistic grappling techniques designed to control and restrain through the application of pain to the joints.

Its purpose is to provide today's modern warrior - the self-defense oriented martial artist, combat soldier or law enforcement officer - with easy-to-apply techniques that first restrain and then, if taken to their maximum potential, inflict severe physical injury, including torn ligaments and tendons, broken bones and even paralysis or death in extreme cases.

Loren shows you over 300 ways you can add variety to your daily martial arts training routine. Whether you are a student looking for fun new solo drills to spice up your home training or an instructor in search of new ways to pump up your classes, you won't be disappointed. This incredible collection of drills, techniques and exercises will take your workouts to the next level. Learn to: Organise your solo workouts to the get maximum results from even the shortest training session; Improve your speed and power with dozens of inside tips and tricks; Beat boredom and get excited about your solo training sessions; Become a well rounded fighter by adding essential skills that your instructor may not be teaching you; Safely experiment with new techniques to find your ideal personal style of training; Get an edge on your opponents with training methods that will make you unstoppable in the ring or on the street.

Not only will you learn enough new training strategies and methods to keep you busy for years, but Loren's no-nonsense writing style will get you up and moving even on the days you rather skip your solo workout. Packed with solid advice and kick-butt motivation, this book will become your favourite training partner.


By Loren W. Christensen

As a martial arts student and teacher since 1965, Loren has trained hundreds of students, competed in dozens of tournaments, and trained with many true martial arts masters.

Loren was never a martial arts movie actor or a tournament champion. Instead, he applied his skill set over and over in the extraordinarily mean streets of Saigon, Vietnam as an Army MP and as a police officer in a large city.

He was involved in shootings, riots, and more fights than he could ever count. He worked as a bodyguard for presidents, vice presidents, an assortment of political candidates, a high-profile religious figure, an infamous criminal, and others. The path he traveled in the military and law enforcement required him to call upon his martial arts abilities over and over.

Those experiences—he considers them opportunities— taught him much about violence, the martial arts, and the human condition.

Street Lessons is about his journey.



By Loren W. Christensen

Street Stoppers is your guide to the martial arts most devastating trips, sweeps and throws. Mark Mireles has combined his knowledge of wrestling and jujitsu with his many years of experience as a member of the LAPD to put together this collection of street effective takedowns that will stop an attacker cold. Together with verteran cop, author and martial artist Loren W. Christensen, Mark takes you step by step through each technique and shows you exactly how to apply it when your life depends on it.

Mark kicks off your crash course in Street Stoppers with the basics of positioning and targets. From there, jump directly into the trips, sweeps and throws - over 50 solid techniques demonstrated in realistic fighting situations. Mark and Loren also include 15 combination techniques so you'll  always have a Plan B. Throughout the book you ll get inside tips on choosing the right technique, gaining the upper hand over your assailant, avoiding injuries and ending a fight quickly.

Because this book is written by two expert martial artists who have decades of experience subduing criminals on some of America s meanest streets, you can rest assured that you re getting proven techniques that work.


By Loren W. Christensen

Bestselling writer Loren W. Christensen has written many well-reviewed how-to-do books. In Musings on Violence, Loren takes a different approach and conveys his thoughts on training for violence, surviving it as it happens, and managing the aftermath. He also discusses what it means to be a warrior—a martial artist, a cop, soldier, and citizen.

Loren has been a martial artist since 1965. He is an inductee into the martial arts Masters Hall of Fame and holds an 8th dan in karate, a 2nd dan in jujitsu, and a 1st dan in arnis.

A 29-year veteran of law enforcement (ret), Loren brawled one-on-one with outlaw bikers, an Olympic Games powerlifter, construction workers, anarchists, crazed dopers, and the violent mentally deranged. As a Military Policeman in war-torn Saigon, Vietnam (then ranked the most dangerous city in the world), he experienced, as he said in a recent interview, “twenty years of violent police work condensed into 12 months.”

In short, Loren knows what he’s talking about.

There is a truth in the world of hand-to-hand combat that too many martial artists aren;t aware of or refuse to believe: Every time you discover a sure-thing technique, one that makes all your training partners groan and writhe in agony, there exists out there in the mean streets, a host of people who won t feel it. People like these: *

Attackers with large muscle bulk or large fat bulk, * Attackers intoxicated on alcohol, * Attackers under the influence of drugs, * Attackers out of control with rage, * Attackers who are mentally deranged, * Attackers who feel pain but like it.

This book isn't about working out with a training partner it s about surviving a desperate street attack against a nightmare who doesn t acknowledge what you thought was your best shot.

This book isn’t about keeping up with 20-year-olds. It’s about developing speed, power, flexibility, good health, and street savvy so you can keep on training, progressing, and being safe for many more years.

Targets To End A Fight Quickly 
Hitting A Downed Attacker 
Mental Imagery: Attacking Innocent People 
Train Every Position To Be A Fighting Stance 
Speed Training 
Mental Training: Defining Words With Movement 
Smart Aerobic And Anaerobic Training 
The Importance Of Training Consistency 
Kata Training 
Build a Powerful Core 
Movement Specific Resistance Training 
Smart Use Of Repetitions: Train for More Years 
Prevent Injury and Slow Aging With Easy Stretching 
Fuel Your Body Properly To Progress 
Understanding Aging: Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Do 
Getting In Shape For Surgery And Training After 
A Dozen 20-Minute Solo Workouts & 20, 1-Minute Workouts 

There is nothing pretty or clean about brawling. It hurts, it's frightening, it's brutal and it's ugly. If you accept the fact that all fighting is dirty all the time, then you must take advantage of every dirty trick you can muster. That's where this book comes in.

The ripping, poking, pinching and pressing techniques in this book emphasize quick, vicious delivery to the eyes, throat, ears, groin, nerve points and other acutely vulnerable targets on the human body. They range from annoying (to distract an attacker while you set up other moves) to devastatingly destructive, when there are no other options but to cause intense pain and potential injury. The criteria for their inclusion are that they must be simple, they must hurt and they must work in close-in fighting.

No streetfighting education is complete without the arsenal of nasty tricks in The Brutal Art of Ripping, Poking, and Pressing Vital Targets

Some 'experts' say that you should be submissive when attacked at home or by a stranger. You won't find that advice here, although you might use it as a ruse before you claw your assailant's eyes and annihilate his groin.

Your ultimate goal is to get away but you don t achieve that by being meek and docile. You get away by drawing on that hard-wired survival instinct to attack him like an enraged lioness protecting its babies.

In ​Self-Defense for Women - Fight Back: martial arts experts Loren W. Christensen and Lisa Christensen teach you to use your hands, forearms, elbows, teeth, knees and feet to survive the type of attack that unsuspecting women become the victims of every day. And you will learn that you're surrounded by a limitless cache of weapons that you can use to your advantage against a larger assailant.

If you're ready to learn to fight back, Loren and Lisa know exactly what you need to survive an attack in your home or on the street.

You will fight how you train. This is the theme of Fighter's Fact Book 2: Street Fighting Essentials and when you've mastered the skills taught in the book, you will truly be ready to defend yourself in some of the most desperate situations imaginable.

Nearly a dozen veteran instructors of street oriented martial arts have come together with Loren Christensen to teach you how to defend yourself against multiple attackers, violent dogs, knives, close quarter attacks, and attackers impervious to pain. Then they show you how to make your street techniques fast and explosive, and how to prepare yourself mentally to use extreme force.

The skills taught here are not for the faint hearted. These are hardcore techniques intended to save your life or the life of a loved one.

Have you ever disarmed a knife wielding attacker? Looked down the barrel of a gun? Been attacked by two or three thugs at the same time? Carjacked? Sucker-punched? Clubbed? Loren W. Christensen and Mark Mireles have. With over 50 years of law enforcement experience between them, they've been on the receiving end of nearly every kind of street attack imaginable and witnessed countless more assaults.

In Total Defense: A Comparison of Grappling and Striking Defenses Against Common Street Attacks, they share the knowledge, skills and techniques you'll need to prevail during a physical attack. You'll learn the best striking and grappling defenses against sucker punches, grabs, tackles, headlocks, bearhugs, multiple attackers, carjacking and street weapons like guns, edged weapons, bats and clubs.

Total Defense is like getting two books in one: for each type of attack, Mark shows you how to lock-up, throw or takedown your assailant while Loren shows you how to punch, kick, rip, gouge, stomp or crush your attacker's most vulnerable targets.

Inone session on the heavy bag, you can develop all the attributes you need as a martial artist or fighter: power, form, speed, timing, endurance, and explosiveness. What other training tool can make that claim?

Throughout The Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training, Wim Demeere and Loren Christensen show you how to master the critical skills needed to survive a fight. From these acclaimed martial artists, you will get solid information on how to choose the right bag for your needs, how best to hang it, and how to care for it so it lasts for years. You will also learn the types of impacts and how to make the best use of them for specific situations; innovative drills to maximize your fitness level and fighting ability; creative ways to grapple a heavy bag, including chokes, takedowns, and armbars; and how to avoid the most common mistakes in heavy bag training.

Whatever your fighting art or goal, you can benefit from the hard-core drills in this book.

With over 50 years experience in the ring, on the mat and in the street, Loren Christensen understands the daily challenges faced by martial artists. In this book he has put together a collection of over 400 tips, drills, principles, concepts and exercises to give you the edge no matter what style of martial art you practice.

Discover quick and innovative ways to improve your punching, kicking, sparring and self-defence skills plus dozens of tips to work those hard to improve areas like speed, power and flexibility. If you are feeling stuck or bored in your martial arts routine,

Loren's down-to-earth, in-your-face-style will get you up and training with a fire you have not felt in years. With hundreds of training methods drawn from his vast experience, research and interviews with top instructors around the country, Loren has put together an essential reference for every martial arts student and instructor.