Examines the reasons children run away from home, the problems they face on the streets, and where they can get help. Also discusses how and why children are kidnapped by a parent or stranger.


Bestselling author of over 50 books, retired cops Loren W. Christensen asked men and women in uniform—police officers, sheriff deputies, SWAT, command, correction officers, and MPs—to convey their experiences with the paranormal. These are veteran officers that have been there and done that, but on one or more occasions they were confronted with the unexplained ...

Here are some of the stories within.

Vanished                                      Hospital Morgue
Trapped                                       The Man In The Window
Dead Man Walking                      The Stabber           
Dead Man's Cane                        The Faceless Mannequin
A Touch Of Thanks                       White Eagle
The Snitch                                    Strange Place
The Couple                                   Forest Lawn Cemetery
The Warning                                 Scratches
The Light                                       A Sign In Twisted Metal
Wrong Number                              The Voice
Ghost Prisoner                              Shot Four Times 
Tower 7                                          Paranormal In The News
Close Encounters Of The Second Kind 

This small e-book is my experience, just an average guy, albeit a little cowardly when it comes to all things medical, who caught a right cross cancer punch while standing flat footed with my guard down, faced my worries, fears, and negative thoughts, and jumped through all the hoops, some of them flaming, to find the experience unpleasant but not terrible. 

Reader's comments: 

"I wish the doc had given me this book when I got the news" ~ C.W.J., prostate cancer survivor. 

"Written with humor and feeling, this is a must read for men newly diagnosed and for those who love them" ~ C.L.W., cancer survivor. 

"Laugh-out-loud funny, moving, informative … takes the fear out of the unknown" ~ L.A.P., wife of prostate cancer survivor.