​​Although I spent a year as a military policeman patrolling Saigon, Vietnam, at that time called “the most dangerous city in the world,” served 25 years as a street cop in Portland, Oregon, and I’ve trained and taught martial arts for over 50 years, I’m an admitted coward when it comes to facing men and women wearing white jackets with stethoscopes draped around their necks. Why? Don’t know. Maybe a doctor dropped me on my head when I was a newborn.

So for me, visiting the doctor for a routine checkup, discovering my PSA had gone up, going to another doctor for the finger probe followed by the cancer-discovering biopsy, deciding how to proceed, waiting for the surgery date, and undergoing the procedure were all tests tantamount to the 12 trials of Hercules, if Hercules was also a card-carrying chicken when it comes to doctors, nurses, their receptionists, and even actors that play doctors on television.


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Publication Date: October 18, 2015
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By Loren W. Christensen

This small e-book is my experience, just an average guy, albeit a little cowardly when it comes to all things medical, who caught a right cross cancer punch while standing flat footed with my guard down, faced my worries, fears, and negative thoughts, and jumped through all the hoops, some of them flaming, to find the experience unpleasant but not terrible.

I hope you find my story amusing, uplifting, and positive, one that helps you face your cancer with courage, optimism, and with an eye on the many years you have in front of you.

I wish the doc had given me this book when I got the news ~ C.W.J., prostate cancer survivor 

Written with humor and feeling, this is a must read for men newly diagnosed and for those who love them ~ C.L.W., cancer survivor

 Laugh-out-loud funny, moving, informative … takes the fear out of the unknown ~ L.A.P., wife of prostate cancer survivor.