By Loren Christensen written under the pen name of Daniel Ames Carrie 

An easy-to-read guide for law enforcement, school teachers and administrators, parents, business people, neighborhood organizations, and anyone concerned about the fastest-growing menace to our society.

Here's a partial list of the topics covered:

This title is now out of print. 


  • Definition of a gang
  • Indicators of a gang involvement
  • Indicators that often precede gang involvement
  • Separating gang activity from mischief
  • Why young people going gangs
  • Gang structure

Detailed information about Asian, Hispanic, black, skinhead, and other gangs, including:

  • gang history
  • clothing
  • appearance
  • vocabulary
  • member profiles
  • structure
  • graffiti
  • hand signs weapons
  • and interactions with other gangs

How to respond to signs your child is becoming involved with gangs:

  • Eliminating gang houses from your neighborhood
  • Proven techniques that use all segments of the community to solve the gang problem in your neighborhoodPolice
  • Neighbors
  • Businesses
  • Social agencies
  • Parks and recreation departments
  • Courts