There is nothing pretty or clean about brawling. It hurts, it's frightening, it's brutal and it's ugly. If you accept the fact that all fighting is dirty all the time, then you must take advantage of every dirty trick you can muster. That's where this book comes in.

The ripping, poking, pinching and pressing techniques in this book emphasize quick, vicious delivery to the eyes, throat, mouth, ears, groin, nerve points and other acutely vulnerable targets on the human body. They range from annoying (to distract an attacker while you set up other moves) to devastatingly destructive, when there are no other options but to cause intense pain and potential injury. The criteria for their inclusion are that they must be simple, they must hurt and they must work in close-in fighting.


by Loren W. Christensen

~ Signed ~

You will find such techniques as:

  • Eyelid pinching and ripping
  • Eye tearing, gouging and pressing
  • Nostril tearing
  • Cheek gouging
  • Lip tearing
  • Ear canal gouging
  • Groin crushing and ripping
  • Ripping the lips with the heel of your foot
  • Nerve pressing and gouging
  • Adam's apple ripping
  • Skin pinching, twisting, and tearing
  • Shin and calf nerve pressing
  • Inner thigh pinching and pressing

 No streetfighting education is complete without the arsenal of nasty tricks in The Brutal Art of Ripping, Poking, and Pressing Vital Targets.

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