"[Loren]  has written many well-reviewed how-to-do books. In Musings on Violence, Loren takes a different approach and conveys his thoughts on training for violence, surviving it as it happens, and managing the aftermath. He also discusses what it means to be a warrior—a martial artist, a cop, soldier, and citizen."

DVDs (Unavailable for Purchase)

"Whether you are a law enforcement officer seeking to improve your edge or a martial artist wanting to expand your knowledge of street-proven techniques, you will find Defensive Tactics: Street-Proven Arrest and Control Techniques is filled with invaluable information to prepare you for even the most difficult scenarios."

Unavailable for Purchase

"In high-stress situations—especially ones where lives are on the line—mental toughness is essential. But while many agree on the importance of this psychological skill set, few ever provide practical training in how to achieve it. Warrior Mindset explains concrete steps and techniques to develop a survival mindset and hardened focus. This book offers an in-depth analysis of the subject."

"This book shows cops how to use proven defensive tactics to stay alive and uninjured, including how to disarm attackers, deal with drunk or drugged subjects, protect their guns, fend off multiple attackers and more."

"Christensen distills more than 25 years of martial arts and law enforcement defensive tactics training into a street-proven system that is efficient, easy to learn and legally defensible. This is not a contrived system of new techniques; it is a tightly structured course that teaches you the secrets of making the joint locks, holds and takedowns you already know more effective and painful to the subject."

"Loren W Christensen - soldier, policeman, martial artist - has called upon his warrior spirit in a wide range of violent encounters: gruelling karate and jujitsu matches, brutal barroom brawls and street fights as a military policeman in Saigon, Vietnam, shootings, riots, and gang warfare as a police officer in Portland, Oregon, and fights in the mean streets."

"With honesty and flair, Christensen offers a rare curbside glimpse into the gritty urban world of skid row. In this colorful tribute to the cops who have worked skid row, as well as the characters who have lived there, Christensen preserves for all time that place where, for decades, man's inhumanity to man revealed itself in a million sordid stories."

"[Focuses] on the most infrequent but most challenging part of the police profession: the use of deadly force. This book is not about specific laws, tactics, or equipment, but how the science of human performance influences the people behind the badge. This knowledge is crucial for physical, legal, and emotional survival."

"El libro... analiza el acto de matar y sus implicaciones físicas, psíquicas y espirituales, y la evolución del combate a lo largo de la historia. Este lúcido análisis se cierra con una sección dedicada al día después del combate, cuando el humo se disipa del campo de batalla, y a la forma de evitar o, en su caso, gestionar, el trastorno por estrés postraumático."

Loren W. Christensen

"Surviving Workplace Violence provides you with solid information about what to do when gunfire or any other type of violence erupts where you work. This easy-to-read guide covers what to do before an incident to increase your safety and how to react when violence explodes."

"[Shows] how meditation combined with mental rehearsal—sometimes called visualization or imagery—isn’t supernatural, New Age, magical, or in any way woo-woo. It doesn’t require years of study or the guidance of a robe-wearing guru. You already do it everyday to some extent. In this easy-to-follow book you learn to do it better to make you the best warrior you can be."

"Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Loren W. Christensen best selling authors of On Killing, On Combat, Warrior Mindset, and many others, present Evolution of Weaponry, a powerful and deeply insightful book for any student of history, psychology, or the casual reader who desires a deeper understanding of the human condition."

"[Loren] identified 37 of the finest warrior authors, warrior trainers and warrior scholars around, and asked them to tell in their own words what being a warrior meant to them. The contributors came from a diverse mix of fellow warriors, from soldiers, cops and SWAT officers to martial art masters to experts in the fields of workplace violence, theology, and school safety."

"As a 23-year-old from a small town in Washington State, the author was plunged into a chaotic city of brawling servicemen, prostitutes, racial violence, enemy rockets, riots, and death. It was a place that would give him a unique opportunity to see up close a different side of the Vietnam War and its effect on the human condition."

Law Enforcement

"In a cop's world it's kill or be killed, but the truth of the matter is that a shooting's aftermath is often the most dangerous time for the cop. This unique life- and career-saving manual contains every shred of critical information the police officer needs to survive the media, investigations and more."

"This book shows you easy ways to meditate whenever and wherever you want—you’ll learn how to do it without anyone knowing—and still hang out with your military pals, cop buddies, and fellow martial arts students...  

The simple fact is, meditation as taught within these pages, will make you a better warrior."

"Wow! Delivers from start to finish."

"Loren has been a prolific and brilliant wordsmith. And this book may be the pinnacle of his craft."

"While some stories are gruesome, they are told with respect and professionalism."

"On Combat examines the stress resulting from engaging in deadly battle and its effects on the human body, from the heart and the nervous system to visual and auditory perception to memory. The historical perspective on the evolution of combat provided in this text further deepens our understanding of the brave men and women who train their minds and bodies to go to that place from which others flee."

"From one who has been there."

"One of the best martial arts authors ever.”

"I love Loren's humor.”

"Street knowledge."

What distinguishes law enforcement officers from people in other occupations... They confront murderers, rapists, arsonists, child molesters, and kidnappers, and they see the victims moments after the crime, sometimes as it happens....

Many officers say, “It's their eyes," when telling their stories in this book. “They’re cold, dark, and malevolent.”
For some, that perception, that disquieting feeling, has remained years after the contact—and they know why. They had stood in the presence of true evil.