"Whether you are a law enforcement officer seeking to improve your edge or a martial artist wanting to expand your knowledge of street-proven techniques, you will find Defensive Tactics: Street-Proven Arrest and Control Techniques is filled with invaluable information to prepare you for even the most difficult scenarios."

"In one landmark video production, Paladin Press has gathered three of our best-selling video authors: veteran cop and martial artist Loren Christensen, boxing and grappling specialist Mark Hatmaker and kyusho-jitsu expert Vince Morris. The assignment: to teach you the best defenses they could muster against common street attacks, including a haymaker punch, a front kick, a tackle, a rear choke, a side headlock, and a lapel grab and punch."

"The ripping, poking, pinching and pressing techniques in this book emphasize quick, vicious delivery to the eyes, throat, ears, groin, nerve points and other acutely vulnerable targets on the human body. They range from annoying (to distract an attacker while you set up other moves) to devastatingly destructive, when there are no other options but to cause intense pain and potential injury."

"This is your quick-and-dirty guide to learning dozens of ugly, shocking, and painful—yet simple—ways to short-circuit an attacker and give you time to run or make a counterattack. You won't find finesse moves here; there are no complex body mechanics to study or techniques that you'll need weeks of practice to perfect. It's just pure strike, stun, and escape."

Unavailable for Purchase

"Loren W Christensen - soldier, policeman, martial artist - has called upon his warrior spirit in a wide range of violent encounters: gruelling karate and jujitsu matches, brutal barroom brawls and street fights as a military policeman in Saigon, Vietnam, shootings, riots, and gang warfare as a police officer in Portland, Oregon, and fights in the mean streets."

Martial Arts

"From one who has been there."

"One of the best martial arts authors ever.”

"I love Loren's humor.”

"Street knowledge."

"As a martial artist, you make special demands of your body. Have you ever wondered how that latest fad diet might affect your performance on the mat? Ever wanted to take off a few extra pounds? How about putting on muscle without slowing down? Making weight for a tournament? Losing five pounds fast? Eating better? Changing weight classes? Are you confused about supplements, vitamins, and protein shakes? Don’t know where to start? Start here."

"Loren W. Christensen shows you over 300 ways you can add variety to your daily martial arts training routine. Whether you’re a student looking for fun new solo drills to spice up your home training or an instructor in search of new ways to pump up your classes, this book has what you need. It is an incredible collection of drills, techniques, and exercises that will take your workouts to the next level."

"Street Stoppers is your guide to the martial arts most devastating trips, sweeps and throws... throughout the book you'll get inside tips on choosing the right technique, gaining the upper hand over your assailant, avoiding injuries and ending a fight quickly. Because this book is written by 2 expert martial artists who have decades of experience subduing criminals on some of America's meanest streets, you can rest assured that you re getting proven techniques that work."

"... kicks off with a focus on building your body’s core for stronger, faster, and more effective grappling, kicking, and punching. A strong core—chest, abs, hips, shoulders, and back—is the source of your body’s power, speed, and coordinated movement. As a martial artist, having a strong core helps you to get more out of your training and to respond instantly and effectively to the fast-changing demands of competition or an explosive street encounter."

"A surefire way to increase your motivation, strength, speed, explosiveness, endurance and timing - The Way Alone. This book about solo training includes tips on weight training, practicing reps and kata, bag work and cardiovascular training anytime, anywhere."

"In one session on the heavy bag, you can develop all the attributes you need as a martial artist or fighter: power, form, speed, timing, endurance, and explosiveness. Throughout The Fighter's Guide to Hard-Core Heavy Bag Training, the authors show you how to master the critical skills needed to survive a fight."

"Speed is the most important asset a fighter can have. Find out from a top martial artist and police officer how to develop instantaneous reflexes and explosive speed for punching, kicking, grappling and police defensive tactics. Improve perception, polish timing and double your speed by using these sure-fire techniques."

"Loren shows you the easy-to-apply science for developing ultimate hand speed, destroying many old training techniques that conflict with modern findings.
You will also learn speed "tricks" that helped Loren survive 29 years in law enforcement, including serving as a military policeman in Saigon, Vietnam, and a beat cop for 25 years in Portland, Oregon."

"You'll learn the best striking and grappling defenses against sucker punches, grabs, tackles, headlocks, bearhugs, multiple attackers, carjacking and street weapons like guns, edged weapons, bats and clubs. Total Defense is like getting two books in one: for each type of attack, Mark shows you how to lock-up, throw or takedown your assailant while Loren shows you how to punch, kick, rip, gouge, stomp or crush your attacker's most vulnerable targets."

"Focusing on gross motor movements that require a minimum of practice to execute, Christensen shows you how to perform a series of quick, hard strikes that will make your attacker wish he'd stayed at home. From there, he teaches you defenses against some of the most common street attacks, including lapel and wrist grabs, wild haymaker punches, and tackle attempts."

"[Loren]  has written many well-reviewed how-to-do books. In Musings on Violence, Loren takes a different approach and conveys his thoughts on training for violence, surviving it as it happens, and managing the aftermath. He also discusses what it means to be a warrior—a martial artist, a cop, soldier, and citizen."

"The techniques Mr. Christensen covers, coupled with a state of mental preparedness will equip you with the skills to face most anything life has to offer. Whether it is an opponent in competition or that attack by the shadowy figure who pops into your life when you would least expect it."

"Using a simple angling system as a guide, [Loren] shows you how to instinctively target the vital areas of the face and neck from any angle, in virtually any situation. To ensure that you get the greatest effect from all of your strikes, he also teaches you the tricks of positioning your attacker to set him up for a strike and shows you which striking tools work best for specific targets."

DVDs (Unavailable for Purchase)

"Real fights are far more explosive and violent than karate sparring matches. The author learned this the hard way as an MP in Saigon, Vietnam. Learn what will and will not work in the streets, and the changes you must make in your training in order to survive. In a real fight there's only one rule: anything goes!"

"Timing is the art and science of ending a confrontation as quickly and efficiently as possible. In Timing for the Fighting Arts, authors Loren W. Christensen and Wim Demeere team up to teach you exactly how to get every last ounce of speed and power out of your techniques."

"Discover quick and innovative ways to improve your punching, kicking, sparring, and self-defense skills—plus dozens of tips to develop speed, power, and flexibility. If you are feeling stuck or bored in your martial arts routine, Loren’s no-nonsense style will get you up and training with a fire you have not felt in years.."

"[A] comprehensive training program that will not only increase your fighting speed but also enhance the appearance of quickness, keeping your opponent off-guard and making him think you’re much faster than you actually are. From there, he shows you drills, exercises and principles that will increase your natural fighting speed and help you develop not only instantaneous reflexes but also explosive quickness and power in all your strikes."

"This book isn't about sport fighting, flashy moves or how to become a better person through a martial art. It presents realistic grappling techniques designed to control and restrain through the application of pain to the joints. Its purpose is to provide today's modern warrior with easy-to-apply techniques that first restrain and then, if taken to their maximum potential, inflict severe physical injury, including torn ligaments and tendons, broken bones and even paralysis or death in extreme cases."

"Brawling doesn't get any closer or uglier than when you're struggling to tear yourself out of a street attacker's clinch. Authors Loren Christensen and Mark Mireles know this from painful experience: with a combined 75 years of martial arts study and more than 40 years of working the mean streets as city cops, they have had many opportunities to develop their techniques for both powerfully breaking a criminal's determined grasp and hanging on to a suspect desperately trying to resist arrest."

"You will fight how you train. That’s why Fighter’s Fact Book 2 presents a critical look at training and real-world applications. When you’ve mastered the skills taught in this book, you will truly be ready to defend yourself in some of the most desperate situations imaginable."

"Loren W. Christensen draws on decades of martial arts training and law enforcement experience, giving you techniques to survive the worst-case scenario.

This book isn’t about working out with a training partner. It’s about surviving a desperate street attack against a nightmare adversary who doesn’t acknowledge what you thought was your best shot."

Loren W. Christensen

"This book isn’t about keeping up with 20-year-olds in the martial arts. It’s about developing speed, power, flexibility, good health, and street savvy so you can keep on training, progressing, and being safe for many more years."

"Find out how to combine the latest techniques with centuries-old secrets, resistance exercises and proper body mechanics to make your punches, kicks, blocks and throws more powerful, as well as to defend yourself against explosive power. Double your fighting power by following this proven training regimen."

"Martial arts experts Loren W. Christensen and Lisa Place teach you to use your hands, forearms, elbows, teeth, knees, and feet to survive the attacks unsuspecting women become the victims of every day. And you will learn that you’re surrounded by a limitless cache of weapons you can use to your advantage against a larger assailant."