"Loren takes the reader on a journey that is at once moving, poignant, loving, educational, and very funny."

 “The author is a gifted storyteller."
"I LOVE this book!"
"Full of laughs, love, and pain."
"The UFO chapter had me holding my breath.

Paranormal - Non-Fiction

"Twenty-year-old Jimmy Long Legs is a 7-foot 4 inch, hairless, frail and tottering, physically deformed lonely man who spends nights on foggy skid row rooftops like a grotesque gargoyle…ever watching. Given his weakened state, he couldn’t possibly be a crime fighter, but when empowered by an otherworldly enabler that he calls THE SURGE, he suddenly becomes a very, very brutal one."

"The seekers in this book—paranormal investigators, ghost hunters, mediums, and UFO experts—are not TV ghost hunters entertainers. These are veterans of the paranormal with 200 years of combined experience; they are the real deal...

These are seekers of the paranormal, and you can learn from them."

"[Loren] asked men and women in uniform—police officers, sheriff deputies, SWAT, command, correction officers, and MPs—to convey their experiences with the paranormal. These are veteran officers that have been there and done that, but on one occasion they were confronted with the unexplained."

"Up to 50% of the population has experienced sleep paralysis. They wake up in their beds to discover they can’t move, not a muscle, sometimes not even their eyes. If they manage to open their mouths to scream, nothing comes out. And for many of them, the terror doesn’t end there—some see something in their bedroom darkness...something moving."

Loren W. Christensen

"Earl and Tess volunteered at CUFOG, Combined UFO Group, trained civilians who investigated reports of UFO sightings. While many were handled on the phone or via email, some necessitated looking at the locations where the sightings occurred. That's what brought them to the lonely countryside 50 minutes out of Missoula, Montana, where they would discover—to their horror— their lives and the world were about to change—forever."

Paranormal - Fiction

"[Loren] presents a short story inspired by actual events described in his popular nonfiction book, Cops’ True Stories of the Paranormal: Ghosts, UFOS and Other Shivers."

"It gave me a very uncomfortable sense of unease."

"Great story and an incredibly creepy atmosphere."